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Polishing & coating

At VISION, CAR UPHOLSTERY, CAR FILM, CAR BODY COATING, INSPECTION & INSURANCE, PREMIUM CAR SALES & PURCHASE. Among them, the job with the oldest history and long experience as a craftsman is car interior work.

Quality Service



VISION helps you keep your car beautiful. The coating and the brush will bring back the brilliance of your car. Experienced staff considers even the smallest details when constructing. Please talk about how you can maintain beauty.

Necessity, selection, construction

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Keep your car beautiful forever. Once the car coating is applied, it is actually easy to clean. Since the process of polishing is also included, fine dirt and scratches will disappear and the luster will be restored to the body.



Coating means making a coating film on clear paint. When installed, it will not get dirty easily and will fall off easily. This is one of the advantages of recommending coating. We also provide tips on how to make the coating film last longer.


Rain spots on glass, dull wheels, yellowing of headlights, etc. Why don't you remove these worrisome points with coating technology? We will propose it as an option for a more beautiful vehicle.

We continue to challenge.


Not only the brilliance of the car, but also the fact that it is easy to remove dirt and makes it difficult to attach is an advantage that should be coated. We are committed to maintaining the beauty of our precious cars. Based on our experience and achievements, we will always do our best to construct each one.