Over 30 years of craftsmanship

we guarantee perfect quality


At VISION, CAR UPHOLSTERY, CAR FILM, CAR BODY COATING, INSPECTION & INSURANCE, PREMIUM CAR SALES & PURCHASE. Among them, the job with the oldest history and long experience as a craftsman is car interior work.

Quality Service



VISION handles many interiors of old cars. Experienced staff are fully familiar with the traditional methods of construction, from the selection of materials and materials to the work process. By combining new technologies in the right places, we are creating quality that can be used with peace of mind.

From request to production

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We will listen carefully to the customer's request, check the condition of the car, and make the most suitable proposal for the customer. We have many customers who can have a good relationship with us for a long time, and we would like to think together with our customers the best we can do now.



We also deal with Connolly of England, which is the finest genuine leather manufacturer used for Rolls Royce and Bentley, and collects carefully selected fabrics and materials from around the world. We pay particular attention to the selection of materials so as not to damage the history and tradition of our precious cars.



Vehicles have become mechanized in recent years and are mass produced. The technique of grasping the condition of the car and finishing it by hand, which is the old method of construction, is being lost. At our company, we have resident craftsmen who can manufacture from the framework of the interior, so we can store your important cars with confidence.

We continue to challenge.


I think that you can challenge no matter how old the car or any rare car, because you are practicing the origin of making things. I believe that it is true manufacturing that touches on the technology of the ancestors and evolves it.